Monday, February 14, 2011

Blumenkehl Supports National Association of Realtors "Home Ownership Matters" Campaign

Charles Blumenkehl, CEO of Blumenkehl Properties and managing partner at Blue Asset Management LLC, is supporting the "Home Ownership Matters" campaign currently being initiated by the National Association of Realtors.

According to Rismedia, a real estate industry news source, owner-occupied home ownership accounts for 67% of all homes built in the United States, and 15% of the countries Gross Domestic Product (GDP) results from purchases made as a result of buying a home. "Over $60,000 is pumped back into the economy", according to the 1/14/11 Rismedia article, "including furniture, improvements and related items once a home is purchased".

According to Charles Blumenkehl, "Home ownership is a vital part of our economy and provides jobs and stability to the regions. So often, in my Real Estate career, I encountered retirees who were able to retire comfortably solely because of the investment their home, paid off over their years of living there, represented in their financial plan. As Real Estate goes, so goes the country." Blumenkehl continued, "I would strongly advocate a little incentive similar to the one ended in June by the Obama administration. The initiative then helped the economy regain some footing and create more jobs, and the tax monies that flow from the home purchase will more than pay for the same results if the government reinstates even a watered down version of the home buying incentive."

For more information about Blumenkehl Properties, Charles Blumenkehl or Blue Asset Management LLC log onto the company website at or call the New Jersey based company directly at 973-835-1400.

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