Monday, February 21, 2011

Blue Asset Management Sees Home Prices Stabilizing in New Jersey

Charles Blumenkehl, managing partner for Blue Asset Management LLC, says home prices in New Jersey have been stabilizing and are even experiencing gains in certain markets.

According to Blumenkehl, “Home sales have been recovering since the fourth quarter of 2010, and the trend is continuing into 2011. Available inventory is being absorbed, distressed properties in many suburban markets are starting to slow down, and with a decrease in housing inventory the real estate market is headed toward recovery.” Blumenkehl continued, “As the employment situation improves, housing will improve. It is now just a matter of time until markets normalize. With interest rates as low as they are, and prices as attractive as they are, it is hard to imagine a better home buying opportunity than the present”.

Blumenkehl points to a recently released survey by the National Association of Realtors which showed the median priced home increasing from $170,300 to $170,600 from the fourth quarter of 2009 to the same period in 2010. The same survey noted that home prices have increased in over half of the 152 Metropolitan Statistics Areas tracked by the study in the fourth quarter of 2010. Blumenkehl added, “As a major metropolitan market serving the New York and local employment hubs, New Jersey is poised for a market rebound in 2011 which will have far reaching effects into the local economies. Increases in consumer spending and employment resultant from these increases will serve as a springboard for further economic recovery in the area as the year unfolds.”

Blue Asset Management was founded by Charles Blumenkehl in 2008 to leverage the real estate investment opportunities which were made available through the mortgages and real estate meltdown in the area over the past few years. For more information about Charles Blumenkehl or Blue Asset Management LLC log onto the company website at or contact Blumenkehl directly at 973 835-1400.

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