Friday, February 4, 2011

Blue Asset Management LLC Releases Its 2011 Property Management Investment Report

Charles Blumenkehl, managing partner for Blue Asset Management, announced his fund has released its 2011 Property Management Investment Report highlighting strategies and programs the fund plans on in 2011.

According to Charles Blumenkehl, attention to property stability, value enhancement and protection, and the acquisition of new assets are among main highlights of their report.

“To minimize risk and maximize return, we are focused on running tightly monitored property management systems lending themselves to responsible asset management and acquisition, while understanding and controlling the investments that we will make in our properties in the upcoming year,” Blumenkehl said. “We must be ready for bumps in the management process, while focusing our efforts on lowering management costs, increasing collectibles and containing property operational costs,” Blumenkehl continued.

Among those areas singled out by Blumenkehl as part of their overall strategy of increasing existing yields on managed real estate are
- Savings in energy costs by taking advantage of the deregulation opportunities recently created in New Jersey
- Lowering insurance premiums by shopping insurance carriers and coverages while maintaining value coverage in line with the current market trends
- Renegotiating interest costs on mortgages wherever possible, and opening dialogue with mortgage holders and new lenders desiring to do business with the company because of its strong financial track record of loan repayment
- Reduction of property taxes through engaging a more aggressive and rigorous tax appeal process in many of the municipalities the company owns real estate in
- Lower water usage through the installation of low-water consumption devices in many of their buildings.

Blumenkehl has been managing real estate for over 30 years, and describes the upcoming year as one of opportunity and long term increased returns through proper planning. For more information about Blue Asset Management LLC or Charles Blumenkehl, log onto the company website at or call the company directly at 973 835-1400.

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